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Earn Points When You Spend

Earn Points When You Spend
17 July, 2019

Earn Toolvolt Points on Every Purchase!

Once you have signed up for your free account with us, we will give you 20 Toolvolt points as a thank you, then every purchase you make, you'll get Toolvolt Points added to your account.  Once these have been confirmed by our admin team, the points will be added to your account a few days after your order has been confirmed as Delivered.

On each product page, you will see how many Toolvolt Points you could earn from that purchase. If you add multiple items to your order, all the points, for each product, will be added together and added to your account.

What Can I Do With Toolvolt Points.

All your points can be saved up for as long as you hold an account  with us, then, when your ready, pick the items you want to redeem and pay for them with your Toovolt Points. Or you can buy gift cards and use them for presents for family and friends.

Can I get extra points for being a Tradesman?

Yes! all you have to do, is send us and email with a copy of your business letterhead, your address, VAT Number and your company Facebook page if you have one, then our admin team will change your account to a Trade account.

Once your Trade Account has been confirmed, we will add 50 Toolvolt points to your account (or 30 points if you have upgraded from a standard account) and then every purchase you make you will get 1 extra point on top of the points shown. Also your Trade Account will get you 10% OFF the entire site, all day, all year, See our account blog info for more details on the benefits of a trade account.

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